Frequently Asked Questions

When does this promotion start and end?

The Real Impact Real Difference promotion will start on August 24, 2022 and end on December 12, 2022 or whenever all the allocated coupons have been claimed; whichever comes first.

What do I do if I am having trouble participating in the program?

Please email
Please indicate your name, the participating product, PIN you are trying to enter, and a photo of the PIN inside the carton.

What are the participating products?

Specially marked cartons of: Canada Dry® Ginger Ale
Canada Dry® Diet Ginger Ale
Canada Dry® Club Soda
Canada Dry® Tonic Water
Canada Dry® Triple Berry Club Soda
Canada Dry® Cranberry Ginger Ale
Canada Dry® Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

What are the value of the coupons?

A valid PIN unlocks three (3) $2 CDN off coupons off of any Van Houtte®, Bonterra and TreStelle® products (maximum combined coupon value of $6 CDN per valid PIN).

When will the coupons expire?

All coupons expire on January 31, 2023.